Thursday, August 23, 2007

Next Stop: Cleveland

The last few weeks have been really fun and very draining, all at the same time. We have loved and cherished every minute visiting with friends and family. And it's been wonderful to reconnect with all of our Pesach Project participants in both Palm Beach and Cleveland, swapping stories of what has happened since our time together in St. Petersburg. However, I think we are growing tired of digging through suitcases, waiting for delayed airplanes, and wondering what city we are in when we wake up each morning! We are now back in Delaware after an amazing, roller coaster ride in Cleveland over the last week. The interview schedule in Cleveland was really intense for me, which is great on one hand (lots of fantastic opportunities!) and emotionally and physically exhausting on the other hand.

Getting together with the Pesach Project participants
in Palm Beach (above) and Cleveland (below)

The good news is that our days of being nomads is coming to an end. We have officially decided to relocate to Cleveland. Matt has accepted a Senior Campaign Associate position at the Cleveland Jewish Community Federation, which has a reputation for being one of the strongest federations in the country. (He starts on September 17th.) We are hoping that it will allow us the opportunity to stay connected to the work we started in St. Petersburg and continues to be funded generously by the Jewish community of Cleveland. My job search is coming along. I have one offer and I am hoping to hear about other offers by the end of next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me! We are returning to Cleveland next week (en route to Minneapolis for a family wedding over Labor Day) to continue our house hunting expedition. It is so much more fun than looking for real estate in Washington; in Cleveland, you can get a whole house for the cost of one room in DC!

Starting to become Cleveland Indians fans,
with the help of our friends Leah and Jeff

So begins the next chapter of our lives. A little adventure that pales in comparison to our last one, but an adventure nonetheless. The next few months will test our adaptability, but also present us with new opportunities to grow as individuals and as a couple. Thanks for taking this ride with us. We have greatly appreciated and enjoyed the support and companionship of our blog readers!